Consumer Attitudes Toward Product Videos, February 2015 [CHART]

Consumers don’t want to spend time reading about a product; they want videos. And brands that cater to such demands stand to see higher sales and gain loyal customers, according to February 2015 research by Animoto.

Among US digital video viewers polled, 62.5% said that companies using video marketing understood how to reach their customers, and 56% believed video was mandatory for company websites. Furthermore, respondents didn’t want to waste time digging through text: Digital video viewers were four times as likely to want to watch a product video than read a description.

Three-quarters of digital video viewers found it helpful to watch a video before making a purchase, so brands should take note of what they want to see in order to seal the deal. Respondents were most interested in product how-to videos, with 82.9% saying these were helpful. More than three-quarters were also interested in getting overviews about items—once again showing their desire to avoid digging through the details. Videos showing the making of a product as well as customer testimonials were each cited by the majority. Meanwhile “about the company” videos were the least popular, suggesting brands should stick to a product focus. Read the rest at eMarketer.