eSports Global Revenues By Region, 2015 [CHART]

Esports’ rising fan base and revenues indicate that the industry is here to stay. In research released earlier this month by SuperData Research, esports revenues worldwide were forecast to reach $612 million this year.

Asia, the original home to esports, was expected to maintain its hold over the global market at $374 million in revenues, thanks largely to South Korea and China. Meanwhile, the source expected North America and Europe to drive growth, with respective sales of $143 million and $72 million this year.

In all, SuperData estimated that the number of esports viewers would reach 134 million globally this year. Other figures released by Newzoo in December 2014 put the number of esports enthusiasts, or active viewers and participants, at 89.0 million last year, and expected this to soar to 145.0 million by 2017. Read the rest at eMarketer.