Demographics Of Video Gamers, February 2015 [CHART]

Demographics Of American Video Gamers, February 2015 [CHART]

Video gaming is a US household staple, based on February 2015 polling by Ipsos MediaCT for the Entertainment Software Association (ESA). The study found that four out of five US households owned a device used for video gaming, and there was an average of two gamers in each game-playing household. In all, 155 million people played video games.

Broken down by age, 18- to 35-year-olds represented the largest share of video gamers, at 30%. Somewhat surprisingly, those ages 50 and older ranked a close second, beating out the 18-and-under group by 1 point. The 36-to-49 group came in last, trailing the youngest age range by 9 percentage points. In all, the average game player was 35 years old.

In gender terms, males led females 56% to 44%. There were also age differences among the biggest gamers in each group. However, adult women grabbed a share more than twice that of boys ages 18 or younger, at 33% vs. 15%. Frequent male game players were 35 years old on average, while frequent female gamers were most likely to be 43 years old. Read the rest at eMarketer.