How People Arrive At Websites, November 2014 [TABLE]

Search is indeed a dominant activity, especially in developed markets like Australia, Germany, the UK and the US. But typing a domain name into a browser’s address bar remains a common internet behavior. In countries like Brazil, India and Mexico, search was not as prominent as directly entering a URL in a browser, according to findings from the DNA report. Furthermore, more than half of all respondents indicated they always paid attention to domain names in their search results.

It’s hard to predict exactly what impact new domains will have on digital behaviors, but in general, “internet users are very adaptable and can assimilate to changes quite well,” said Nao Matsukata, CEO of FairWinds Partners, a firm that advises companies on domain name strategy. “I think with proper promotion and education, we could see widespread adoption in time.” Read the rest at eMarketer.