Global Awareness Of Domain Name Expansion, November 2014 [CHART]

Through the course of 2015, domain options will grow exponentially. More than 1,300 new domains are being phased in.

The initiative isn’t without controversy. What some view as a “blank canvas for innovation” to spur more creativity, diversity and trust on the internet, others see as costly, exploitative and bound to cause consumer confusion. Nonetheless, it continues to move forward, requiring all internet users to adapt.

The rollout is still in its early stages, so it’s no surprise that overall internet user awareness of the new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) is low. A global report by the Domain Name Association (DNA)—a group of registries, registrars and other domain name industry stakeholders—found that just one-quarter of internet users worldwide polled in November 2014 were aware of efforts to expand the number of domain names. Read the rest at eMarketer.