SMBs' Attitudes Toward Professional Website Design By Industry, May 2015 [TABLE]

Looks matter for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Among US SMB owners and managers polled in May 2015 by 99designs, 87% agreed that positive customer perceptions of their brands were important, and 63% said that how customers viewed their brands was very important.

Websites are one area of importance when it comes to branding, providing companies with an opportunity to inform visitors what their brand is all about, on their own turf. As such, it’s important for sites to be in tip-top shape, and 76% of SMB owners and managers said those that looked professional attracted better customers.

Respondents from the nonprofit, entertainment, retail and advertising and marketing industries were the biggest proponents of the idea that a professional-looking website attracted more and better customers, with percentages for each group hovering around nine in 10. With the exception of real estate, finance and transportation professionals, at least two-thirds of respondents from every industry studied agreed with this statement. Read the rest at eMarketer.