Global Smart Watch Shipments, 2014-2020 [TABLE]

Smart watch shipments are expected to grow rapidly in 2015 on the back of recent product launches from well-known players such as Apple, Samsung, Sony, Motorola and LG, not to mention Google’s introduction of its Android Wear operating system for smart watches. While estimates for smart watch shipments worldwide in 2015 from global research firms vary widely, most fall between Gartner’s prediction of 21.0 million shipments and IHS’s 34.0 million. The outlier, Yano Research Institute, predicted in October 2014 that more than 65 million smart watches would ship this year.

Only time will tell if these devices will become a fixture in the consumer mainstream. In the meantime, comparing smart watch shipment estimates for 2015 (the launch year of Apple Watch) vs. tablet shipment forecasts for 2010 (the launch year of the iPad) provides perspective on how quickly the smart watch market is expected to grow—and the numbers suggest smart watches are taking off faster than tablets did. Read the rest at eMarketer.