Number Of Podcasts People Listen To Weekly, February 2015 [CHART]

February 2015 research by Edison Research and Triton Digital found high listening frequency among the podcast audience. Weekly podcast listeners—estimated at approximately 27 million people—listened to an average of six podcasts per week. About one-quarter had listened to six or more podcasts in the week leading up to polling, among whom over six in 10 had consumed 11 or more.

Frequent podcast listening suggests marketers could leverage the medium to reach a fairly engaged audience. For now, though, usage is low. Among marketers polled worldwide by Salesforce Marketing Cloud in November 2014, just 15% used podcasts—the lowest response rate out of all digital marketing channels and tactics included. Based on September 2014 research by ExactTarget and LinkedIn, this could pick up. The study found a slightly higher level of podcast usage among US senior-level business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketers, at 21%, and an additional 19% said they were piloting or planning to use podcasts in the next 12 months. Read the rest at eMarketer.