Viewability Rates By Video Ad Dimensions, April 2015 [TABLE]

Marketers remain concerned about paying for video ads that aren’t seen. According to April 2015 research by Google, shelling out for larger ad sizes could help boost viewability.

The study looked at video ads served by DoubleClick and Google Display Network worldwide and found that among the most common ad sizes across the web, larger players were the most viewable. For example, 848×477 units ranked second for volume behind 300×250 placements, but the former hammered the latter when it came to viewability, with respective rates of 88.6% and 19.8%—the highest and lowest out of all sizes studied. Placements sizes 640×390, 1280×720 and 854×510 each hovered above 85%, while 300×225 and 610×290 units made up the rest of the bottom three. Read the rest at eMarketer.