Social Networks For Finding Jobs, November 2014 [CHART]

Networking has been a standard part of the job-hunting process forever, and social media presents job seekers with another platform where they can connect with and appeal to potential employers. According to November 2014 research by the polling company for Jobvite, Facebook was the most popular social network for job searching, followed by Twitter and LinkedIn. Newer platforms are also entering the space, with 31% of respondents saying they used Instagram to search for jobs, and one-quarter pointing to Pinterest.

Males were more likely than females to use the top three social networks for finding jobs. Nearly seven in 10 male respondents used Facebook to do so, vs. 55% of females. The difference was even bigger for Twitter, with 51% of men saying they turned to the network to look for jobs, compared with 29% of women. LinkedIn usage was close to even, at 41% of male respondents and 36% of females. Read the rest at eMarketer.