Factors Fueling B2B Innovation, Q4 2014 [CHART]

Demands for a solid customer experience as well as new products and competition are forcing business-to-business (B2B) marketers to master the art of innovation—that is, go beyond throwing around creative ideas and actually implement change. In a Q4 2014 study by Sparks Grove and Econsultancy, B2B marketing execs in North America ranked the pressure to deliver a consistent and positive customer experience (38%), product innovation (34%) and emerging business models and competitors (33%) as the top three organizational challenges driving the need for innovation.

B2Bs need to look at innovation from every angle if they want to succeed, as strategy, customer focus and technology all come into play. When asked about the leading factors fueling innovation, respondents were most likely to cite strategic ones such as committed leaders and prioritizing efforts. Other top innovation drivers were a customer-centric focus as well as tools, meaning marketers can’t just look at this from a human or tech angle—they need to collaborate and integrate across channels to innovate most effectively. Read the rest at eMarketer.