Mobile Share Of Search Traffic By Search Engine, 2013-2014 [TABLE]

Yahoo has been making a major push on mobile, and according to data released in January 2015 by Merkle | RKG, traffic from mobile devices on the search engine has caught up to that on desktop in North America.

In Q4 2014, mobile accounted for half of Yahoo search traffic in North America, up from 32% in the same quarter of the prior year and 10 percentage points from Q2 2014. Throughout 2014, Yahoo led Google in terms of mobile’s share of search traffic, widening the gap from 3 percentage points in Q1 to 7 in Q4.

Unsurprisingly, Yahoo’s share of US mobile organic search traffic was nowhere near that of Google’s, at just 8.4% vs. 85.6% in Q4 2014. This was similar to Q4 2014 figures from StatCounter, which found that 86.0% of US mobile search referrals (excluding tablets) during the final quarter of last year were on Google, vs. 9.6% on Yahoo. Read the rest at eMarketer.