How Mobile Millennials Discover Brands Online, September 2014 [CHART]

On social, Millennials learn about products through peer activity. September 2014 polling by Annalect asked US smartphone-owning Millennials to cite the main digital ways in which they discovered brands. Nearly half said they did so from “someone else following/‘liking’/pinning/tweeting info on social media.”

In addition, Millennials make more general use of social media to research possible purchases. In an August 2014 survey of US 21-to-32-year-old internet users by The Monogram Group, 52% cited social sites among places where they gathered information about “new products or brands that interest you.” This ranked social sites behind friends/family (75%) but ahead of paid advertising (41%).

Millennials’ social engagement with brands often has a mercenary motive. When Annalect asked respondents why they shared digital content, 36% said they did so “to receive a coupon/discount/promotion.” Read the rest at eMarketer.