Importance Of Mobile Apps To B2B Content Marketers, January 2015 [CHART]

A silver lining appeared when B2B marketers were asked about mobile apps, despite the fact that just 12% were leveraging these for content at the time. Among respondents, 83% said mobile apps were important to content marketing. However, just 32% labeled these as very important or critical, while 51% acknowledged they were somewhat important, indicating room for growth.

Interestingly, B2Bs are set to spend more dollars on both content marketing and mobile apps this year. In November 2014 polling by Salesforce Marketing Cloud, 66% of B2B marketers worldwide said they planned to increase spending on content marketing in 2015, and 65% said the same about mobile apps. Whether or not they use these mobile apps to enhance their content expansion remains to be seen, but they’d be wise to catch up sooner rather than later to avoid falling further behind in today’s mobile-dominated world. Read the rest at eMarketer.


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