Trust In Pharma-Sponsored Websites By Demographic, January 2015 [TABLE]

Try as they might to stay healthy and fit, seniors can’t avoid the aging process. But while they may see their prescriptions pile up over the years, they don’t turn to—or trust—pharmaceutical companies very much, based on January 2015 research by Makovsky Health and Kelton Research (KR). When asked which online resources they used to access health information, just 8% of US internet users ages 66 and older cited pharmaceutical company websites—the lowest response rate across all age groups. Instead, seniors were most likely to turn to WebMD, cited by 48%.

Trust issues are a key reason for pharma’s low ranking. When researching a disease, 66-and-older respondents had little trust in pharma company-sponsored sites. Fully 57% said they only trusted brand sites a little bit when searching for this info, and more than one-quarter had no faith in them. Seniors overindexed here, as two-thirds of respondents said they trusted pharma-sponsored sites a little bit or not at all, with the remainder trusting them completely or a lot. Read the rest at eMarketing.