Factors That Would Motivate People To Visit Pharma-Sponsored Websites, January 2015 [TABLE]

Pharma sites will need physicians to sing their praises if they want to attract more seniors. Nearly six in 10 seniors cited recommendations from doctors or other healthcare professionals as the top factor that would motivate them to visit a pharma-sponsored website when researching a disease—the highest response rate—meaning that to get to seniors, pharmaceutical companies need to get to doctors first. One way to do so is through mobile. In a January 2015 study by MedData Group, 53% of US doctors said pharmaceutical information was a leading type of health-related content they viewed via mobile—the No. 2 response.

Makovsky and KR found that recommendations from a friend, family member or colleague were important, too.

Meanwhile, while it seems like brand name drugs are constantly being promoted on TV, in magazines and the like, advertisements played a much smaller role in swaying site visits, as fewer than one-quarter of seniors said ads would motivate them to visit a pharma-sponsored site, vs. a total average of 41%. Read the rest at eMarketer.