Mobile Buyers As A Percent Of Mobile Shopper, 2013-2019 [TABLE]

Mobile shopping is widespread—eMarketer estimates that more than 150 million people used a mobile device to research, browse or compare products last year, including 79.0% of smartphone users and 86.0% of tablet users. But it’s still largely an upper-funnel affair, with fewer than seven in 10 of those mobile shoppers actually making a purchase on their device.

What’s more, while almost eight in 10 people who shopped on a tablet also made a purchase, only around half of smartphone shoppers did the same. Though tablets are less widespread in the population than smartphones, tablet users are more likely to shop on their devices, and those shoppers are more likely to buy—and to spend. Tablets accounted for 65.8% of total US retail mcommerce sales last year, eMarketer estimates, vs. 32.0% on smartphones. Read the rest at eMarketer.