Top Obstacles To Email List Growth, January 2015 [CHART]

List growth remains a top focus among marketers as they continue to boost email efforts. Fully 67% polled in January 2015 by Ascend2 said email list growth was very important to the overall success of their marketing program, while almost all other respondents (29%) agreed that it was at least somewhat important. However, the study found that it wasn’t always smooth sailing when it came to increasing email list size.

Marketers ranked content relevance and value as the top obstacles to email list growth, at 44% of respondents. This is especially critical now that consumers are demanding personalized emails; they’re not going to waste their time on canned messages of little to no interest. Skill sets were another issue; 43% of marketers faced challenges with list growth expertise, and 39% had problems with forming an effective strategy—yet only 42% outsourced any of their email list growth tactics. Around four in 10 respondents had problems with email list hygiene and accuracy—something that, when cleaned up, can decrease list size but help boost other metrics. Read the rest at eMarketer.