US Pinterest User Metrics By Gender, 2013-2019 [TABLE]

More than one-quarter of US social network users and 18.1% of internet users will use Pinterest on a monthly basis this year, eMarketer projects. By 2019, the network’s monthly user base will be 59.3 million—nearly 30% of US social network users.

To anyone who has cursory knowledge of what Pinterest is and who uses it, it’s not a surprise that females dominate the social network’s user base. And even though the male user base is increasing, we forecast that by 2019, males will barely crack 20% share of the site’s US audience.

Internationally, however, more men are starting to use Pinterest, and this trend is integral to Pinterest’s growth efforts. The service has a 50-50 gender split in India, South Korea, Japan and Brazil, the company reported, and only 30% of its users are from outside the US right now. Comparatively, 85% of Facebook’s audience, 70% of Instagram’s and 72% of Twitter’s monthly user bases are outside the US, according to those companies. Pinterest’s long runway internationally represents a crucial opportunity but could also present a long-term challenge if it can’t escape a US-centric image. Read the rest at eMarketer.