Us Mobile App Buyers By Device, 2013-2018 [TABLE]

Put a dollar sign in front of an app, and the number of people who are willing to download and install it drops dramatically. According to a new forecast from eMarketer, 80.1 million US consumers will pay for mobile apps at least once this year, representing only 33.3% of all mobile users.

The total figure is inclusive of feature phones, which depresses the overall penetration rate. However, a minority of consumers among both the smartphone and tablet user groups will pay for and install apps on their devices this year. Only 35.8% of all US smartphone users will purchase apps in 2015, totaling 65.2 million people. Tablet users are much more likely than smartphone users to buy apps for their devices, and eMarketer estimates that 44.0% of all US tablet users, or 60.9 million people, will purchase apps for download and installation on those devices this year. Read the rest at eMarketer.