Mobile Downloads & In-App Revenues, 2013-2016 [TABLE]

“Since mobile content is native to the devices, it’s often new mobile users’ first introduction to mcommerce,” said Martin Utreras, senior forecasting analyst at eMarketer. “As the US mobile user base matures, mobile content revenues are taking a smaller share of the overall mcommerce market as consumers become more comfortable buying physical retail items and making more expensive purchases from their devices.”

Ebook sales will reach $4.25 billion in 2015, accounting for 43.3% of US mobile download and in-app revenues in 2015. While ebooks will maintain the largest share of mobile content revenues throughout our forecast, growth is flattening. Music downloads are also losing share of the mobile content market, since music revenues have been particularly affected by the rise in subscription and streaming services. Video download revenues are still growing, expected to increase 13.8% this year, but may also see an impact from subscription and streaming services over time. Read the rest at eMarketer.