Use & Interest In Smart-Home Tech Among Women Homeowners, November 2014 [TABLE]
More households are opening their doors to smart-home technology, and this won’t stop any time soon. In a January 2015 report, IHS forecast that smart-home device shipments worldwide would rise 660% between 2013 and 2018, from 25 million to 190 million.

Millennial females—part of the next generation of homeowners—could play a huge part in this growth. In November 2014 polling from Better Homes and Gardens, US female homeowners in the under-35 age group consistently overindexed for usage and interest in smart-home technology features when compared with all women surveyed.

When asked about the smart-home features they were currently using, millennial females were most likely use DVRs (29%, vs. 19% for respondents overall). Smart door locks, appliances and sound systems were also popular, each used by 26% of women younger than 35, compared with respective rates of 14%, 14% and 13% among all respondents. Read the rest at eMarketer.