Top Ways People Would Use Wearables, December 2014 [CHART]

Though newer do-it-all wearable devices have been popping up on the scene, December 2014 polling conducted for Stratos by AYTM Market Research found that among the 67.7% of US smartphone owners surveyed who didn’t own a wearable, smart wristbands such as Fitbit and Jawbone—both for activity and fitness tracking—were of the most interest, cited by 39.4% of respondents. In comparison, 29.1% were interested in a wearable camera like a GoPro, and 28.7% said the same about smart watches such as the Apple Watch and Pebble.

Since smart wristbands were among the first wearables on the scene, it makes sense that they were already the most-owned device among those studied. Fully 53.4% of the 32.2% of owners had a smart wristband. Meanwhile, second-place wearable cameras were cited by 31.7%, and 25.5% had a smart clip like a FitBit Zip.

When asked about their main or potential use of wearables, 68.0% cited tracking fitness and training, including things like calories and time. This was the top response, followed by monitoring health such as heart rate and blood pressure (48.0%). Diet wasn’t nearly as important here, cited by just 23.5% as a use case for wearables, though some diet-related responses could have fallen into the tracking fitness and training category, which included calorie monitoring. Read the rest at eMarketer.