Female Homeowners' Attitudes Toward Smart-Home Tech, November 2014 [TABLE]

Female Homeowners' Attitudes Toward Smart-Home Technology, November 2014 [TABLE]

Millennial females—part of the next generation of homeowners—could play a huge part in this growth. In November 2014 polling from Better Homes and Gardens, US female homeowners in the under-35 age group consistently overindexed for usage and interest in smart-home technology features when compared with all women surveyed.

Millennial women were far more excited to take smart-home technology usage to the next level, too. More than half were interested in using smart heating and cooling systems, outside lighting and security cameras in the future, compared with response rates lower than 40% among all females polled. In all, millennial women showed a higher interest than other age groups did in using smart-home features in the future.

When asked about their attitudes toward smart-home technology, millennial females’ extreme enthusiasm rang true: 61% said they were excited about smart-home technology—21 percentage points above the average. While the younger cohort agreed with females of all ages that smart-home devices cost a lot of money, they were more likely to view these as a good home investment for the long term, and they overindexed in the opinion that this technology was customizable to their budget. Millennial respondents also viewed smart-home technology as something that made their homes safer and considered it a time-saver. Read the rest at eMarketer.