How Grandparents Communicate With Their Grandchildren Online, November 2014 [CHART]

Older consumers haven’t rejected newer technologies. A November 2014 study by AVG found that 68% of US baby boomer and senior internet users owned a PC, 65% had a laptop, 54% owned a smartphone and 46% had a tablet.

A subset of this group is benefitting greatly from newer devices and digital tools: grandparents, who made up 57% of those polled. Boomers and seniors who fell into this group used a variety of digital methods to communicate with their grandchildren. The most popular was email (41%), followed by texting (34%) and Skype or other videoconferencing tools (25%). While 75% of all seniors and boomers polled had downloaded an app, these weren’t common for communicating with younger generations, as just 4% of grandparents used them to chat with their grandkids. Read the rest at eMarketer.