Top Responsibilities Of B2B Marketers Now & In 2 Years, November 2014 [CHART]

Business-to-business (B2B) marketers expect their responsibilities to be very different in two years. November 2014 polling by ITSMA found that brand and positioning was the No. 1 marketing responsibility among B2B marketers worldwide, cited by 90%. Lead generation and brand communications followed, tying for second with 85% of respondents each.

However, increased focus on personalization and data are driving B2Bs to rethink how they approach their customers and manage all of the information they gather, and the picture changed greatly when looking two years ahead. B2B marketers expected understanding buyers, marketing technology tools, and competitor analysis to be the top three marketing responsibilities in two years—items not even on their current list. Brand and positioning, brand communications and demand generation fell off the list, while lead generation dropped to the No. 5 spot. Read the rest at eMarketer.