Users Of Multiple Social Media Sites [CHART]

Users Of Multiple Social Media Sites, 2013 vs 2014 [CHART]

[Tweet “52% of Internet users use 2 or more of the social media sites.”]

Today, more than half of internet users (52%) use two or more of the social media sites measured (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn) compared with 42% who did so in 2013.

Facebook remains the most popular platform for those using just one social media site—fully 79% of those who use just one site report using Facebook. As in 2013, a significant majority of Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn users say they also use Facebook, more than any other site. At the low end, 86% of LinkedIn users are also on Facebook. At the high end, 94% of Instagram users use Facebook (Instagram’s parent company). Read the rest at Pew Internet.