How Gamers Want To Get Their Video Games, October 2014 [CHART]

Video gamers were most interested in a Netflix-style service for digital downloading. Fully 40% said they would definitely use a streaming subscription service where they paid monthly. Other respondents would rather avoid some costs, with 37% saying they would use a service that allowed them to subscribe to a few free downloads per month where they could choose games from a library.

The online console gamer audience is small in the gaming world. eMarketer estimates that there will be 49.1 million US online console gamers in 2015, meaning that less than one-fifth of internet users and just over 15.3% of the population will play games online through a gaming console at least monthly. By 2018, this will only grow to 55.2 million—20.2% of internet users and 16.8% of US consumers. In comparison, the number of smartphone gamers will rise from 133.9 million to 170.7 million during the same period, and the tablet gaming audience will increase from 115.8 million to 136.6 million. Read the rest at eMarketer.