Android vs iOS In-App Ad Performance, Q3 2014 [CHART]

How do consumers interact with in-app ads on each of these device types? InMobi found that while the overwhelming majority (85%) of in-app ad impressions took place on smartphones, tablets overindexed for average CTR and eCPM here. Average CTR for the larger-screen mobile device was nearly 55.4% more than that of smartphones. In terms of eCPM, in-app ads on tablets saw a rate nearly 35% over ads served through smartphone apps.

By operating system (OS), iOS was way ahead of Android in CTR and eCPM. Average CTR for in-app ads served via Apple’s OS were nearly 21% higher than for Android-operated devices, and eCPM for iOS was even more impressive—over 50% more than the average for Android. Read the rest at eMarketer.