Marketers' Approach To Personalization, October 2014 [CHART]

It seems like everywhere we’ve turned this year people have talking about the need for personalization. But October 2014 polling by Econsultancy in association with Adobe found that personalization efforts were still far from advanced.

Just 5% of client-side marketers worldwide said they were personalizing extensively, and 10% of agency professionals said the same about their clients. Meanwhile, 29% of marketers and 26% of agencies’ clients weren’t doing anything.

Technology has gone hand in hand with conversations about personalization this year as marketers rush to make sense of consumer data they’ve gathered across channels and form one single customer viewpoint. However, Econsultancy found that most respondents were still more likely to take a manual approach to personalization than an automated one. Nearly one-third of both marketing and agency respondents said personalization processes were highly or quite manual, compared with 21% and 18% who said these were automated, respectively. Read the rest at eMarketer.