Manual vs Automated Personalization, October 2014 [CHART]

Marketers and agencies need help from people, too. As such, about 45% of respondents from both groups used an even mix of tech and human involvement.

Results indicated that many marketers and agencies were having trouble keeping up with today’s multichannel consumers, at least in part because of technology issues. Fully 35% of respondents agreed that their personalization activities straddled online and offline, while 42% disagreed. Meanwhile, 39% of respondents said they personalized across desktop, smartphone and tablet devices, compared with 43% who didn’t.

Retailers should take note of shoppers’ desire for a smooth experience across channels, especially with the holiday season in full swing. In a September 2014 study by the e-tailing group, 47% of respondents said receiving a consistently personalized shopping experience from one channel to the next was an important omnichannel retail capability. Read the rest at eMarketer.