Unique Visitors To Financial Services Facebook Pages, June & September, 2014 [TABLE]

Between March and September 2014, all of the financial services categories tracked showed tremendous growth in their unique engaged audiences on Facebook, with the exception of loan brands. Payment services maintained the highest number of monthly unique engaged visitors during the six months as the total more than sextupled. Insurance trailed in a distant second, thanks to an impressive leap in unique engaged audience in June, followed by banks.

However, other research suggests that while consumers are OK interacting with financial services brands on Facebook, they’re not interested in ads. Among the financial services Facebook ads served worldwide on SHIFT’s platform in Q3 2014, clickthrough rate came in at 0.19%, down from 0.20% in Q2 2014. Cost per click rose from 34 cents to 59 cents between the two quarters, and cost per thousand hit $1.14, compared with 79 cents the prior quarter. Read the rest at eMarketer.