Devices People Use To Take Photos, August 2014 [CHART]

The majority of US consumers now use smartphones—eMarketer estimates that penetration will reach 51.8% this year—and owners are using the do-it-all devices in place of once-hot digital cameras to snap photos.

In an August 2014 study conducted by Edelman for Shutterfly, mobile phones and smartphones ranked as the top devices for capturing pictures among US photo takers, used by 81% of people who had taken at least 10 digital photos in the three months prior to polling. Meanwhile, 55% used point-and-shoot digital cameras, the second-highest response.

Smartphone photo takers press the capture buttons on their always-available mobile cameras frequently. Four in 10 people who took photos via smartphone did so at least daily, with 24% snapping multiple times a day. Fully 36% controlled their urge to capture every moment a bit more, taking smartphone photos a few times a week. Read the rest at eMarketer.