How People Use Mobile For Holiday Shopping By Age, December 2014 [TABLE]

Just like their function for shopping throughout the year, mobile devices are far more useful for checking prices than charging purchases during the holidays. Polling conducted earlier this month by Market Track found that US internet users across age groups were more likely to have used their smartphone or tablet while holiday shopping to look up a price. This was most prevalent among dollar-conscious 20-somethings, with the majority saying they’d checked prices, but just 11% making a purchase. Interestingly, mobile purchasing among those in their 30s was higher, but still came in nearly 30 percentage points below the price-checker group.

Instead, mobile helps shoppers get started on holiday gift purchases prior to entering a brick-and-mortar. A September 2014 study by the e-tailing group found that looking up store information such as hours and location was the top way US digital shoppers would use their smartphone while holiday shopping, cited by 78%. Around three-quarters would look for coupons and promotions and check for sales and specials. In comparison, 50% said they’d actually buy gifts through their phone. Read the rest at eMarketer.