Top 10 Countries By Retail eCommerce Sales, 2013-2018 [TABLE]

China and the US are by far the world’s leading ecommerce markets, combining for more than 55% of global internet retail sales in 2014. China’s growth over the next five years will widen the gap between the two countries, and China will exceed $1 trillion in retail ecommerce sales by 2018, accounting for more than 40% of the total worldwide. The US will maintain its position as the second-largest retail ecommerce market in 2018, totaling nearly $500 billion that year, while the UK will account for about one-quarter of that figure, landing in a distant third place.

Ecommerce share of total retail sales can mean different things in different markets. In the case of the US, this metric shows the continued strength of brick-and-mortar retail, as well as US consumers’ appetite for purchasing in-store. Approximately 63% of the US population will make a digital purchase this year, yet only 6.5% of US retail sales are expected to come from internet transactions, increasing to 8.9% by 2018. In other words, a majority of US consumers are making purchases online, but more than $10 out of every $11 are still spent in stores. Read the rest at eMarketer.