Retail eCommerce Sales As A Percent Of Total Sales By Country, 2013-2018 [TABLE]

The other two largest ecommerce markets, China and the UK, have much higher proportions of online-to-total retail sales than the US, and ecommerce trends in each market are unique. For example, digital buyers—consumers who purchase online at least once during the year—will represent only 27.5% of China’s population in 2014, while more than 10% of all retail purchases occur via the internet. This points to the fact that consumers in China who buy online do so often.

On the other hand, more than 73% of the UK’s population will make a purchase online this year. With ecommerce accounting for 13.0% of total retail sales in the UK—leading all countries by this metric—this high volume of digital buyers who purchase online often positions the UK as the third-largest ecommerce market, despite being only eighth-largest in total retail sales. Read the rest at eMarketer.