Visitors To Travel Content By Device, July 2014 [TABLE]

A July 2014 study by comScore for Expedia Media Solutions found that 40% of the US travel audience only accessed digital travel content via mobile. Mobile-only visitors totaled 62 million, compared with 52 million people who only engaged with digital travel content through a PC.

eMarketer’s estimates for digital travel researchers put mobile users in the minority, with 61.1 million US consumers expected to look up information prior to a trip via a mobile device this year—representing 47.4% of digital travel researchers. But next year, the roles will reverse as the number of total mobile travel researchers rises nearly 20% to hit 72.8 million, or 54.6% of those who research travel digitally. By 2018, mobile travel researchers will account for 71.3% of digital travel researchers in the US. Read the rest at eMarketer.