Showrooming Consumers, Q3 2013 vs Q3 2014 [CHART]

Even so, most mobile research leads to a purchase, just not on the smartphone. In a March 2014 survey conducted by Nielsen for xAd and Telmetrics, between 70% and 80% of US smartphone or tablet users said they had completed or would soon complete a purchase related to their smartphone search. The study also found that more than 40% of consumers considered a smartphone or tablet their most important media resource for a purchase decision.

In-store mobile use is prevalent across age groups. comScore reported that in April 2014, 35% of US internet users showroomed, including nearly half of millennials and even 28% of seniors 65 and older. In a more recent Q3 2014 comScore survey, 44% of smartphone owners said they participated in showrooming. Read the rest at eMarketer.