Share Of Time Spent On Mobile By Category & Generation, November 2014 [CHART]

Forget Millennials (18-34). It’s Gen Xers (35-54) who account for the most time spent on mobile devices across 4 key categories, according to data analyzing the activities of mobile owners who have used their device to make a purchase decision in the categories. Gen Xers edged Millennials in share of time spent in the entertainment category (42% and 40%, respectively), with the gap widening in the restaurant (45% vs. 37%), auto (50% vs. 39%) and telecom (53% vs. 30%) categories. Separately, the study shows that men account for a majority of mobile time with the entertainment (52%), telecom (55%) and auto (61%) categories, while women account for 70% of time spent in the restaurant category. Source: Nielsen / xAd / Telmetrics

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