Why Agency Planners Recommend Online Place-Based Media, 2013 vs 2014 [TABLE]

Digital place-based (DPB) media is establishing a spot in media plans. July polling by the Digital Place Based Advertising Association (DPAA) found that 90% of US agency planners’ media plans that included DPB had been approved in 2014. The majority of that group (48.5% of respondents overall) used the tactic in 20% or more of their approved and executed plans—up from 45.4% who did so in 2013. Meanwhile, the percentage of agency planners who didn’t include DPB media in their plans fell from 13.1% to 10.9% year over year.

DPB media usage is about reaching the right consumers, at the right time, in the right place. Among agency planners who had included this in their plans, reaching a demographic target was the No. 1 reason, cited by nearly 60%. Connecting with consumers on the complex path to purchase was also popular for the majority of respondents. Over 40% of those who had included DPB media in their plans had also done so to geotarget by DMA or target consumers by contextual relevance. Read the rest at eMarketer.