How Audience Extensions In Campaign Proposals, 2013 & 2014 [CHART]

Audience extension has gained popularity among publishers, based on September 2014 research by Rocket Fuel’s Audience Accelerator and Digiday, those using the tactic are happy with the results.

Though the percentage of US digital media and marketing execs offering audience extension as an option rose just slightly year over year, to 52%, those doing so were leveraging it more frequently. One-third said they included audience extension in most or all of their campaign proposals—an increase of 31%.

Publishers were most likely to include audience extension in campaign proposals to extend reach and add impressions, with the percentage of respondents citing this rising from 47% to 73% year over year. When asked for a request for proposal (RFP), publishers had shifted efforts, increasing audience extension when it addressed a specific demand in an RFP, while decreasing it when asked for data-driven, audience-based buys. Read the rest at eMarketer.