Top Priorities For Improving Email ROI In 2015 [CHART]

Email is already considered the most effective digital marketing tactic, but that doesn’t mean it can’t improve. Indeed, recent research has demonstrated that some negative attitudes to email marketing persist, and a newLiveclicker-sponsored study from The Relevancy Group indicates that while mobile email adoption is high, significant proportions of consumers complain of overload and irrelevance. With that in mind, it’s worth looking at marketers’ top priorities for improving email’s ROI.

According to the study, which was based on a survey of 174 mid-market and 174 enterprise marketers, the top priority going into 2015 is the greater use of analytics in order to optimize communications. With improved segmentation and targeting the second priority among marketers, the topic of relevance is clearly at the forefront. Certainly a focus on relevance might be expected from a study conducted by The Relevancy Group, but this has been an oft-discussed topic for email marketers throughout this year.

As the analysts note, improving relevance is difficult without effective use of data and coordination across channels. Not surprisingly, then, centralizing customer data and utilization of real-time data emerge as other top-5 priorities for both enterprise and mid-market respondents. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.