YouTube Net US Video Ad Revenues, 2013-2016 [CHART]

YouTube has long been a video site of enormous proportions. The unmatched depth and diversity of its content, combined with a user base spanning nearly every demographic on the planet, presents marketers with unique opportunities to reach target audiences, according to a new eMarketer report, “YouTube Advertising: Ins and Outs for Making It Work.”

The increasing sums going to YouTube video advertising attest to its power to attract both viewers as well as brands looking to reach them. In the US alone, video ad revenues for the site are expected to rise 39.2% this year to $1.13 billion, eMarketer estimates, and continue to expand by double digits through 2016.

Several executives who spoke with eMarketer pointed to how devoted many audiences are to the channels of various content creators they have subscribed to on YouTube. They also noted how those dedicated and engaged audiences offer marketers potentially superb targets for advertising—potentially, of course, if those audiences are in the marketer’s target demographic. Read the rest at eMarketer.