Top 10 Global Brands, October 2014 [CHART]

Apple and Google remain atop the list of most valuable brands this year, with both exceeding $100 billion in brand value for the first time. While the composition of the top 10 remained largely the same as last year (with the rankings intact among the top 6), McDonald’s dropped 2 spots to #9, while Intel dropped 3 spots and out of the top 10 (#12). Mercedes-Benz cracked the top 10, up a spot from last year. The fastest-mover this year was Facebook, which soared from #52 last year to #29 this year on the back of an 86% increase in brand value. Meanwhile, new entrants to the top 100 were: DHL (#81); Land Rover (#91); Huawei (#94); and Hugo Boss (#97). Source: Interbrand

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