Preference For Free vs. Paid Mobile Apps, October 2014 [TABLE]

Mobile users would rather save a few bucks and face advertisements when choosing which mobile apps to download, based on October 2014 polling by Zogby Analytics for the Digital Advertising Alliance.

According to the study, 35.7% of US internet users found free or low-cost apps supported by in-app ads the most appealing when downloading mobile apps—the top response. Meanwhile, just 10.1% of respondents were willing to download free or cheap apps that were sans ads and supported by in-app purchases instead, and a mere 2.7% would buck up to avoid having to deal with advertising or purchases in an app.

Would users be willing to pay for the free apps they had downloaded? Not really. Fully 46.4% of internet users said they wouldn’t download any of their free apps again if they had to pay for them. Meanwhile, 15.1% were willing to pay for about 20% of their free (addicting) apps, and just 8.1% would buy all of them. Read the rest at eMarketer.