Mobile Ad Engagement, October 2014 [TABLE]

Recent research suggests that many users may simply ignore the in-app ads that pop up. An AYTM Market Research study conducted in October 2014 found that while more than 72% of US mobile device users had seen ads on their mobile devices—in both apps and browsers—just around one-quarter of those users actually clicked on them. But there was some good news for app advertisers. Mobile users who had clicked on a mobile ad were nearly 10 percentage points more likely to have done so in an app then on a mobile browser.

Estimates released in September 2014 by 451 Research highlighted the opportunity for mobile app advertisers over the coming years. The firm predicted that there would be 1.81 billion active mobile app users worldwide this year—a figure that would rise to 2.17 billion in 2015 and 3.01 billion by 2018. Read the rest at eMarketer.