Typical Mobile Wallet Spend Per Transaction By Service, June 2014 [CHART]

June 2014 polling by Thrive Analytics found that 17% of US adult smartphone users had used Apple’s Passbook, compared with 79% who said the same about PayPal and 40% for Google Wallet. Despite lower usage, those who did turn to Passbook used it more often on a weekly basis, at 60% of users, compared with 49% of Google Wallet users and 40% of PayPal users.

However, Apple Passbook users had the lowest transaction amounts. Nearly 40% of smartphone users who had ever used Passbook typically spent less than $10 on a transaction, compared with 22% for PayPal and 17% for Google Wallet. And while just over one-fifth of those who turned to Apple Passbook did spend more than $30, this trailed the percentage who typically spent that when using Google Wallet for a transaction by 13 percentage points. Read the rest at eMarketer.