Most Important Channels When Making A Purchase, June 2014 [CHART]

Thanks to digital devices, mobile in particular, the path to purchase starts long before consumers step foot in-store. Still, brick-and-mortar isn’t dead, as evidenced by a June 2014 study by ORC International for Capgemini. Among digital shoppers worldwide, 72% said the traditional store experience was important when making a purchase—the highest percentage out of locations and channels studied. The internet landed second, at 67%.

Results indicated that there was indeed demand for a more digital store experience among today’s tech-savvy shoppers. The majority of respondents said that in-store technology, such as kiosks, was important when buying an item. Despite mobile’s rise and rumors of showrooming, smartphone websites and apps trailed behind in-store tech and even email as important channels for purchases. Read the rest at eMarketer.