Trustworthy Vendor Website Features According To Small Business Owners, September 2014 [CHART]

Vendors can try and win over small-business owners (SBOs) all they want, but oftentimes, their fate lies in the hands of those companies’ peers. In a September 2014 study by The Alternative Board, nearly half of SBOs worldwide said that when making a major purchasing decision about a new product or service, other business owners using the product or service were the most helpful human source. This was the highest response rate, with employees trailing a distant second.

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Vendors would be wise to appeal to SBOs’ demands for ratings and reviews by including these on their websites. Nearly 70% of respondents said an independent review of a product or service on a vendor’s site would make them most likely to trust the company. Considering that about one-quarter of respondents found information received directly from a vendor distrusting—and just 6% said it was “very” trusting—providing recommendations and reviews is more than just important, it’s critical. Read the rest at eMarketer.