Online Grocery Shopping Activities By Age, February 2014 [CHART]

Naturally, consumers partaking in these digital measures to conserve cash skew younger compared with those using offline money-saving activities. According to research from advertising agency Sullivan Higdon & Sink conducted in July 2014, internet users 45 and younger are more likely to partake in digital grocery shopping activities than older adults. These younger consumers are twice as likely to find out more about a brand or product online and lead by 16 percentage points when it comes to using a mobile coupon or looking up a recipe online while grocery shopping.
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Nearly a third of respondents 45 and older did not engage in any of the digital grocery activities included in the survey, though as online and mobile become more entrenched with these users’ everyday lives, it’s likely that a significant portion of this audience will eventually engage with digital for their grocery needs. Read the rest at eMarketer.